Micro Lease Benefits

November 14, 2023

Long-term leasing commitments are losing popularity when it comes to auto leasing, and there is a growing demand to enter into shorter, more convenient ones. As more people are looking for auto leases that align with their lifestyles, AutoNation Mobility has launched its Micro Lease to meet these needs. As the way we view vehicle ownership changes, a new era of micro leasing comes with many advantages, let’s look at the benefits of the micro lease from AutoNation Mobility.

1. Unmatched Flexibility

The micro lease from AutoNation Mobility is a game changer. Now you have the flexibility to lease a car for 6 or 12 months. Say you just moved to a new city, you can simply lease the car or truck that works best without making a long-term commitment. Or maybe you’re waiting for your dream daily driver to arrive, so in the meantime you can lease another car while you wait. AutoNation Mobility makes this all possible by giving you the flexibility to choose and micro-lease your perfect ride. Whether you prefer a mini-van, sporty convertible, luxury coupe, or an SUV lease, AutoNation Mobility has the vehicle you need, on your terms!

2. No Long-Term Commitments

Traditional auto leases can span over several years, these long-term commitments make it challenging to adapt to the changing circumstances that life can throw at us. Unlike traditional leases, the AutoNation Mobility micro lease offers you the option of either a 6 or 12-lease. This means you are no longer tied down to a single vehicle for years, you can enjoy the latest in automotive technology and style for the amount of time you want.

If you’re a seasonal traveler, our short-term micro lease is a great option for you. Do you spend the summer up North and then come to Florida when the cooler weather starts to kick in? Migrating to the Sunshine State for the winter has never been easier, with a 6-month micro lease you have a car during your stay without any long-term commitment. When your lease concludes, and it’s time to head back, simply drop off your car at the AutoNation store closest to you.

3. All-Inclusive Package

AutoNation Mobility’s micro lease offering is comprehensive and includes Maintenance Coverage and Roadside Assistance. This saves you the hassle and time of having to arrange these additional cover items. It’s all included in your micro lease arrangement.

What comes with your micro lease?

  • 800, 1,000, or 1,200 miles per month (based on the initial set-up of your micro lease)

  • Routine maintenance, including oil changes and tire rotations

  • Vehicle registration

  • Limited warranty and maintenance plan

  • 24/7 roadside assistance, offered by the manufacturer

4. Fair, Transparent Prices

Full and complete transparency is at the heart of the AutoNation Mobility micro lease.

You’ll clearly see how everything adds up, so there’s no question and no mystery, because it’s all up front. The micro-lease payment you see is the micro-lease payment you pay. No add-ons. No extra fees. No surprises.

A powerful benefit of the micro lease is the inclusion of your maintenance costs. This allows for a more predictable monthly budget. You won’t be surprised by any unexpected maintenance bills and best of all, you’re not locked into a long-term contract if your situation changes. You retain that desired level of flexibility that comes with a shorter 6 or 12 month contract.

5. Access To An Extensive Inventory Of Vehicles

AutoNation Mobility takes pride in being able to provide our customers with access to the largest selection of new vehicles. When selecting your car online, you can filter by the model of car you want and can choose from multiple makes, models, colors, and features. With the AutoNation Mobility advantage, you're sure to find a car that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Browse our extensive inventory of vehicles on our website and choose cars from our curated collections including top picks, daily drivers, luxury and off-road to name a few. Each collection will leave you spoiled for choice, while still placing the power of choice in your hands. Additionally, our online search platform is geared up to search based on your unique needs. Our intuitive system will assist you in finding your perfect car.

Micro Lease Your Dream Car

AutoNation Mobility's micro lease program isn't just another auto leasing option, it's a lifestyle choice that brings you freedom and flexibility. By joining the AutoNation family, you’ll be joining America’s admired automotive retailer. We offer our customers the best car lease deals and access to the largest selection of new vehicles for short-term leasing in the US.

We’re opening up a world of vehicle leasing possibilities for all of our clients, allowing them to select the car leasing arrangement that aligns with their lifestyle and budget. It makes for the ultimate flexibility.

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