Benefiting From a Micro Lease in South Florida

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November 20, 2023

Micro leasing presents an exciting opportunity in the vibrant city of Miami. As people’s lifestyles are changing, so are their transportation needs, requiring a more flexible approach to car leasing. With South Florida’s tourism industry constantly growing, the demand for short-term car leases is on the rise. Let's look at the many advantages of a micro lease in South Florida.

Access to an Extensive Selection of Vehicles

Miami is a sought-after holiday destination, welcoming more than 26 million visitors in 2022 alone. It’s also the go-to place for many extended vacationers, offering exciting attractions and abundant sunshine. If you’re a snowbird who plans to spend the winter in Miami and South Florida, a micro lease is perfect for you. Whether you’re traveling single, as a couple, or family, AutoNation Mobility has the perfect car lease deals Miami has to offer. From daily drivers to SUVs and electric cars to compact, there are options for everyone.

No Long-Term Commitment

As an international fashion capital, Miami is all about the next big thing, and your car selection should be no different. With AutoNation Mobility, you’re able to pick a car that meets your unique needs and style—with the flexibility of a 6-month car lease or a 12-month car lease. Traditional methods of renting a car for this amount of time can be costly, with no guarantee of getting the car you want. A micro lease gives you the freedom to choose the exact car you want to drive and the flexibility to enjoy that “new car” feeling every 6 or 12 months. You'll always be able to have the latest and greatest drive in your hands.

Fully Digital Leasing Experience

We all enjoy the benefits of a fast-paced lifestyle, and living in South Florida is no different. Gone are the days of spending hours at a car dealership. With AutoNation Mobility, it’s easy to choose your car, set up your lease terms, and sign your contract—everything happens online. Once the deal is done, you’ll pick up your car at an AutoNation dealership. Unlike car subscription services where the car you want may not always be available, AutoNation Mobility has the perfect vehicle for you, and it’s available now. No hassles, and no waiting.

What’s Included in Your Micro Lease

If you have a college student in South Florida going to UM, FIU, FAU, Barry or Nova who needs a car during the school year, you may be torn between getting them a vehicle through traditional ownership or leasing. A convenient benefit of the AutoNation Mobility micro lease is that you can get 6 or 12 month lease terms. So, as their needs change from year to year, their vehicle can, too.

Each vehicle comes with a limited warranty and maintenance plan and registration. 24/7 roadside assistance is offered by the manufacturer, too, so you can worry less about all the extra costs that typically come with having a car.

Enjoy Your South Florida Micro Lease Today

AutoNation Mobility offers you the flexibility to live your life how you want to and what better place than Miami to do this in? At AutoNation Mobility, we are the Miami car lease specialists with access to the largest selection of new vehicles in the US, and with a fully digital platform, starting your micro lease has never been easier.

As one of America’s most admired companies, we aim to deliver an effortless customer experience to all our clients. Start shopping to benefit from the best car lease deals Miami has or contact us for more information.

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