Micro Lease an EV with AutoNation Mobility

December 15, 2023

The electric vehicle (EV) market is experiencing exponential growth in the US, with rental demand expected to triple within the next 10 years. With AutoNation Mobility, you can now experience driving an electric vehicle on a short-term lease. A micro lease offers the benefits of a flexible car lease without tying you down to a long-term commitment. AutoNation Mobility is leading the way in the EV micro lease market, and we'll show you how you can make the most of it.

Extensive Selection of Electric Vehicles

AutoNation Mobility boasts a large selection of electric vehicles. Our wide range is one of the many reasons why we’re America’s most admired automotive retailer. EV brands we carry include:

  • Chevrolet

  • Toyota

  • Cadillac

  • Mercedes-Benz

Explore all our electric cars and if you are having trouble making a decision, don't worry - you can easily compare each model's features to find the perfect EV that suits your needs. Just Favorite the cars you love as you shop.

No Wait Time for Your Car

Some EV retailers are on long waiting lists for vehicles, and this means you could be waiting months for delivery. At AutoNation Mobility we offer immediate availability of all our EVs and what you see on our website is the exact electric vehicle that you’ll pick up and drive off in. With AutoNation Mobility, there is no waiting list or down time, just immediate satisfaction. You can find and drive the best electric car today.

Get A Feel for Any Vehicle

The flexibility of our micro lease means that you're able to get a feel for any vehicle that's available in our collection. So, you can drive a car you're interested in, like an electric vehicle, without committing to it long-term.

Electric vehicles have some clear differences in terms of battery life and driving performance. Our micro lease lets you familiarize yourself with these differences, so you can see if an EV is right for you, before you buy. You can learn how and when to charge your EV, since the charging process is different from the convenience of refueling at gas stations.

AutoNation Mobility lets you get a feel for these lifestyle changes with no long-term risk. Then, if you’re happy with your 6 or 12-month electric car lease experience, you can decide to fully commit to it, or if it’s not the type of car for you… you can try another one. That’s the flexibility of a micro lease.

A Fully Online Experience

With life only getting busier, an increasing number of our customers prefer the convenience of an online leasing experience. That's why with micro leases, everything happens online. You can explore our extensive car inventory or choose a car from of our curated collections, without leaving your couch. Once you’ve made your choice, you have the flexibility to customize your lease terms, including the lease duration, monthly mileage allowance, and the upfront payment that aligns with your budget. You’ll sign your agreement and set up your payments online. All that's left is for you to visit our dealership to pick up your car.

Climb Into Your Electric Vehicle of Choice Today

AutoNation Mobility offers you the opportunity to select your ideal electric vehicle from the convenience of your home. Whether you're looking for a daily driver or exploring a luxury car lease, our extensive range caters to all. With our online micro leasing process and flexible terms, there’s no need to be concerned about being tied to a lengthy commitment.

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