AutoNation Mobility: Pioneering The Online Leasing Process

December 15, 2023

Are you looking for a fully online car leasing application experience? One that caters to your exact car leasing preferences and needs? AutoNation Mobility offers a fully digital micro-leasing experience that makes finding your next car quick and easy—you can shop and set everything up without leaving your couch. When it comes to leasing vs buying a car, AutoNation’s micro lease comes with some clear benefits.

What Customers Want

AutoNation Mobility has carefully considered what its customers are asking for: a flexible way to access a car for 6 or 12 months, where the whole lease setup process happens online. With an increasing demand for a short-term car lease in Los Angeles, Northern California, and Florida, AutoNation Mobility gives customers the ultimate choice that doesn’t tie them down to a long-term lease.

Let’s look at how AutoNation Mobility’s online leasing experience works.

1. Shop For Your Car

AutoNation Mobility offers cars from widest selection of brands, available now. You can choose a car from one of our curated car collections, finding one that suits your lifestyle and preference. Whether you’re after a daily driver, a family SUV, or an electric vehicle, we have a wide range of options. Fancy a Ford Mustang for the speed thrill? Or a Land Rover Defender for those weekend adventures? AutoNation Mobility enables you to lease a car online without any waiting time.

2. Set Your Micro Lease Terms

Once you’ve chosen your vehicle, it’s time to decide how long you want to enjoy your ride. You’ll the option to choose either a 6-month car lease or a 12-month car lease with 800, 1,000, or 1,200 miles each month. Then you can select an upfront payment that works for your budget. (You can get prequalified to see your monthly payment limit, which only takes a few minutes and won’t impact your credit score.)

3. Make It Official

Once you’ve decided on the terms and placed your order, there are only a few quick steps left to secure your car. You’ll approve a hard credit check, review and sign your micro lease agreement, and make your first payment. Before you pick up your car, you’ll upload your insurance. All conveniently online!

4. Hit The Road

Now that the lease is official, it’s time to grab your keys. When your hassle-free online shopping experience is completed, you’ll grab your keys at an AutoNation dealership and enjoy a short walk-through of your new vehicle. All that's left to do is to climb into your new ride. If you're looking for a flexible, no-fuss car lease in Miami, Los Angeles or San Jose, AutoNation Mobility has you covered.

Seamless Online Leasing Experience

At AutoNation Mobility, we understand the need for flexibility and short-term commitments. Unlike a traditional car subscription model that has an ongoing commitment, AutoNation's micro lease offers you a fixed short-term lease period with no strings attached.

AutoNation Mobility’s online micro leasing is a trustworthy and seamless platform. We are upfront about costs, and the car you see online is the car you get. Our fully online experience is something that only America’s most admired automotive retailer can offer you. No more driving around to find the right car lease, it’s all online and ready for you.

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