What's a Micro Lease?

November 14, 2023

The way we approach vehicle ownership and usage has gone through some big changes in recent years. As urbanization continues to shape our lives, the automotive industry has responded with innovative solutions to meet our changing needs. One such innovation is the AutoNation Micro-Lease, a pioneering product from AutoNation Mobility.

AutoNation Mobility: A Game-Changing Service from AutoNation

AutoNation Mobility, an exciting new innovation from AutoNation. It’s a micro lease service that offers the ultimate flexibility with the largest selection of new cars. Our micro lease product offers clear benefits over conventional vehicle ownership and leasing models. Customers can now enjoy an alternative approach to car leasing that prioritizes flexibility, and convenience. With its short-term commitment, the micro lease truly puts you in the driver seat giving you the ability to allowing you to try “treat yourself”, “try something new” or even swap with the seasons Let’s dive into the details of this revolutionary offering as we explore its distinct features and how it's redefining the way we think about car ownership.

Car Subscription Services: A Growing Trend

The AutoNation Mobility Micro Lease is a short-term commitment similar to car subscription services. An automotive category that has gained traction as consumers look for more convenient ways to access vehicles. Unlike the commitment of traditional ownership or leasing, the AutoNation mobility Micro lease caters to those who prefer short-term arrangements. In a world with fluctuating job locations and increased urban living, car subscription services offer an ideal solution.

Short-Term Car Lease: The Micro Lease Advantage

One of the standout features of the AutoNation Mobility Micro Lease is its short-term nature. Unlike traditional leases that bind you to a vehicle for several years, the Micro Lease provides short-term flexibility. With options for 6-12 month leases, subscribers can tailor their lease plan to match their lifestyles. Whether you’re a daily work commuter, a family transporter, an adventurer, or a sports car lover, AutoNation’s Short-Term Car Lease offering can be tailor-made for your needs.

Micro leasing is as simple as a few steps:

  1. Choose your car: Browse our collection and select your perfect car.

  2. Customize your lease: Decide on the terms associated with your lease.

  3. Make it official: You’ll approve a hard credit check and review the agreement.

  4. Drive: Get your keys from an AutoNation store and hit the road.

Luxury Car Lease: An Opulent Offering

Luxury car enthusiasts will appreciate the Micro Lease's ability to provide access to high-end vehicles. Luxury car lease opens up opportunities to experience the thrill of driving luxury cars without the long-term commitment. Fancy a Mercedes-Benz GLE or a BMW X5? With AutoNation Mobility, you’re free to decide what luxury car you’d like to lease and for how long.

Driving a luxury car comes with its own perks. Punchy performance, extreme comfort, and a range of tech-savvy features to enjoy. Luxury cars are known for their advanced safety features and high-quality interiors. With AutoNation Mobility you can enjoy the sense of status and refinement that comes with driving luxury.

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