Returning Your Micro Lease

Nearing the end of your micro lease and ready to start planning your next move? Here’s what to expect.

1. Plan Your Return

Thirty days before your return date, we’ll send you an email that asks you what you’d like to do next. You’ll receive a notification in your Account, too. You’ll answer a few quick questions to:

  • Confirm your micro lease return date and location. You'll return your vehicle to the same store you picked it up from.

  • Tell us if you’ll need another vehicle. If you decide to get another vehicle with AutoNation---whether it’s a micro lease, traditional lease, purchased, or financed vehicle, we’ll waive your micro lease disposition fee.

  • Let us know if you’re interested in purchasing the vehicle. Fell in love with your micro lease and want to buy it? We’ll guide you through your purchase options before you return your vehicle.

From there, our Customer Success team will work with you to finalize your return plan and help answer any questions you have.

2. Get Your Vehicle Ready

Before your return, read our vehicle condition guidelines to determine if your vehicle has incurred excess wear and use that you may be charged for at lease-end. If repairs are necessary, we recommend these repairs be performed by an authorized dealer.

3. Head to the Store

On the date of your return, bring your vehicle back to the AutoNation store specified in you return plan. A store associate will inspect the vehicle with you, and you’ll return all your key sets. The cost for any excess wear and tear damages will be estimated by a third party. You'll sign a return form before you leave.

4. Receive an End of Lease Statement

You’ll receive one last statement that includes a $285 disposition fee and details any charges incurred for mileage overages and/or excess wear and use.

  • Charges will be based on the vehicle inspection performed when you returned your car.

  • The disposition fee will be waived if you get another vehicle from AutoNation.

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