The Benefits of a Micro Lease in San Jose

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February 15, 2024

Vast Selection of Vehicles to Micro Lease

San Jose and the Greater Bay Area was home to over 15 million people with different vehicle needs. AutoNation Mobility has the widest selection of vehicles to fulfill your needs. From daily drivers and electric cars to trucks and SUVs, there are car lease options for everyone in the San Jose, Stevens Creek, and Mountain View areas at AutoNation Mobility.

No Long Term-Term Commitments

Home to Silicon Valley, the San Jose area is known as the global center for innovation and technology. Whether you need an electric vehicle for your daily commute to Silicon Valley or an economical SUV for trips to the Tech Museum Innovation, a short-term lease, or micro lease is the perfect solution. With AutoNation Mobility, you can pick a vehicle that meets your needs and style, with the flexibility of a 6-month car lease or 12-month car lease. Renting a car can be costly, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the car you want. With a micro lease from AutoNation Mobility, you’ll get the car you choose along with the flexibility to enjoy that “new car” feeling every 6 or 12 months. A micro lease gives you the chance to drive the latest and greatest automotive can offer.

Complete Your Micro Car Lease Online

In today’s fast-paced society, finding the perfect car should be fast and easy. Gone are the days of spending hours in the dealership, thanks to AutoNation Mobility’s fully digital car leasing experience.

With AutoNation Mobility, it’s easy to choose your car, set up your lease terms, and sign your contract- all online. Once the deal is complete, you’ll pick up your car at an AutoNation dealership. Unlike car subscription services, every vehicle at AutoNation Mobility is available now, no hassles and no waiting.

What’s Included in a Micro Lease?

Struggling to decide whether to buy or lease a car for your college student who needs a car? Whether they’re going to Stanford, San Jose State College, or Santa Clara University, AutoNation Mobility has a car leasing option for your San Jose student.

An AutoNation Mobility micro lease offers 6 and 12-month lease terms, keeping up with your student’s everchanging needs. As their needs change from year to year, their vehicle can, too. Each vehicle comes with a limited warranty and maintenance plan and registration. 24/7 roadside assistance is offered by the manufacturer, saving you repair costs while giving you the peace of mind knowing your student will be safe.

Enjoy Your San Jose Car Lease Today

When it comes to transportation, AutoNation Mobility offers you the flexibility your lifestyle demands. AutoNation Mobility makes leasing a car easy with our dealership network boasting a wide variety of new cars for lease and used cars for lease.

Browse our San Jose, Stevens Creek, and Mountain View micro lease inventory or contact us for more information about a short-term car lease. Your car should keep up with your lifestyle changes, take advantage of a micro lease today.

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