Micro Lease Returns: Vehicle Condition Guidelines

Based on the vehicle inspection performed when you return your micro lease, the following will result in excess wear and use charges. These charges will appear on your final micro lease statement. Learn more about returning your micro lease.

Interior & Exterior

  • Dents that are larger than the size of a quarter

  • Scratches that are through the paint and greater than two inches

  • The sixth and each subsequent scratch per panel that is through the paint and smaller than the size of a credit card

  • Holes, cracks, gouges, tears, or cuts in the sheet metal or bumper, regardless of size

  • Tears, cuts, holes, or burns to the interior, regardless of size

  • Present permanent odors that require ozone removal

  • Damaged safety items, regardless of size (e.g., torn seat belts, airbags)

  • Glass or lights that have cracks, stars, holes, or plugs (a star is a chip with one or more legs, and a plug is considered unsafe for vehicles with supplemental restraint systems)

  • Collective damage, regardless of size, that is caused by a single event (e.g., hail damage)

Tires & Rims

  • Wheels or rims that are cracked, bent or have excessive curb rash greater than 1 Inch 

  • Wheels or tiles that weren't originally equipped with the vehicle at the time of delivery

  • Tires with less than 1/8" (or 4/32”) tread depth

  • Tires that have sidewall damage (which includes plugs and cuts), bulges, or exposed cords

  • Tires that are mismatched: Tires on each axle that are not the same size, brand, model, type and/or speed rating, and equivalent in quality and performance to the original tires

  • Spare tire and/or rim (or inflation kit for those vehicles without a spare tire) that are missing or not in operable condition

Missing Parts

  • Any keys that were included but not returned

  • Remote controls

  • Headphones for entertainment system(s)

  • Navigation disc or SD card

  • Headrests

  • Cargo cover

  • Tool kit

  • Spare tire

  • Charging Cables or Cords (if EV equipped)

  • Floor mats

Mileage Provisions

If your mileage is over the maximum number of miles allowed on your Lease Agreement, an excess mileage charge will be assessed at vehicle return. Refer to your Lease Agreement for the per-mile rate.

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